What are Keyloggers?

Malicious software applications known as keyloggers are used to record each key you press on your keyboard. Due to pre-existing back door infections, keyloggers—a type of spyware and adware—automatically and secretly install themselves on your computer. Back door infections are parasites already installed on your computer which allow malicious programs to install themselves anonymously through the “back door” of your computer without your knowledge.

Keyloggers pose a serious threat because they facilitate identity and password theft. They keep a record of everything typed on the keyboard, including passwords for Windows, documents, credit card numbers, online passwords, and even bank account numbers. Keyloggers are nearly impossible to detect, let alone remove, without the proper anti spyware or adware program.

Keyloggers and other dangerous programs can infect you without your knowledge if you use the internet, putting you at a high risk of harm. Adware and spyware infections, possibly including dangerous keyloggers, are to blame for your computer’s recent slow performance. According to CNN, “There is a 90% chance that if you use the internet, spyware or adware is already on your computer.” You can reduce your risk of identity theft and improve your online security by getting rid of keyloggers.

AdwareAlert is the program I advise using to get rid of these harmful infections. This program not only removes problematic keyloggers but also tracking cookies, trojans, parasites, dialers, and other infections that degrade the performance of your computer.

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