Part II of the best space-themed video games

The second part of my article on the best space-themed video games is now ready, so please enjoy it. Six enjoyable games are already featured in the first section of this article: AstroAvenger, Barnyard Invasion, Bugatron, Clash’ N Slash, and Cosmic Bugs. I hope you find it on my website and start playing right away. I now want to introduce seven more games. Take your time to locate it and take pleasure in it.

Desperate Space (by Jagged Blade Software) / Space Shooter

“A new breed of addictive space shooter in the asteroids style will take you through massive battles!”

In a brand-new breed of compelling space shooter in the asteroids style, engage in massive battles. With its team-based gameplay and emphasis on rescuing abandoned civilian ships, Desperate Space elevates the genre to thrilling new heights. In contrast to other shooters, this game will feature non-stop action while still offering variety and types of enjoyment unmatched by any other game.

Flyonoid (by Dream Dale Company) / Arcade

“April 38th, 2009… No fly will ever forget Monday with any respect for insects.”

Yes, that was the day when armies of evil aliens swarmed our tiny planet and attacked. The three grasshoppers were harassed, the lady bug’s wings had spots stolen, but most importantly, all the flies on Earth had been abducted by these monstrous green freaks. Some claim they brought a bug with them, but two stampedes later claimed it was a bear rather than a bug. We can only guess…

Jets N Guns (by RakeInGrass) / Space Shooter

“classic full-metal jacket blasting action shooter!”

Jets’n’Guns is a powerful piece of earth-shattering, rock-blasting action wrapped in a full metal jacket with eye-popping graphics! Enjoy yourself by engaging in nearly insane activity. In a quest spanning 21 enormous levels, defend the universe against the deadly threat posed by twelve Masters of Destruction! Armed with fifty different pieces of elegant armor that are snugly fitted to the cratered spaceship’s hull, fight as one against many!

KaiJin (by Phelios) / Shooter

“Planet Terria, year 2546… You and your ship, the “Kai-jin” are the last hope for the Terrian Kind!”

Planet Terria in the year 2546. For an excessive amount of time, the natural food chain on Planet Terria was negatively impacted by food that had been genetically modified, as well as by ocean and environmental pollution. The creatures that live in the ocean and on insects underwent wildly unusual mutations that made them stronger and smarter.

Mutant Storm (by Pom Pom Games) / Psychedelic Shooter

“In a state-of-the-art graphics environment, Mutant Storm is a raging retro arcade game. pure action for gamers who want it!”

Over 89 levels of psychedelic 3D arenas that get increasingly crowded with dangerous creatures, Mutant Storm advances. A state-of-the-art graphics extravaganza displays this carnival of frantic fun. for players who prefer only action!

Outpost Kaloki (by Ninjabee) / Strategy Sim

“In the amusing space station tycoon game Outpost Kaloki, you must race against time to save the princess!”

You have taken over as the new manager of the Kaloki Space Tradestation in a galaxy far, far away. Build outposts that draw visitors and generate new sources of income for your leaders by balancing your resources. There will be visitors from all over the galaxy who will require everything from food and water to entertainment and agriculture.

Paradoxion (by VSBgames) / Puzzle

“For those who enjoy solving complex logic puzzles, Paradoxion is a true gem!”

The basic rules are straightforward: using the items in your inventory, you must clear the board of all elements (such as Orbs and Gems) at the end of each level. To be eliminated, elements must be put in predetermined configurations; for instance, orbs must be put in lines. What’s most intriguing is how nearby elements can be moved by a combination blast. In the end, this causes fascinating explosions caused by chain reactions of elements!

The last seven games are Pax Galaxia, Snowy: Space Trip, Meteor, Star Blaze, Xeno Assault 2 and Zzed, which will be covered in the following part.

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