The Independent’s Guide to Online Intellectual Property Sales (Part One)

We are in a time of great opportunity; if you have the knowledge to create a piece of software, write a book, or develop a business plan, you have all the resources necessary to market it and earn a living. The days of having to establish a large corporation, begging for investments, and devoting yourself to 20 hours a week of “win-or-go-home-broke” are long gone.

Tens of thousands of business owners who share your passion for creating software, books, or strategies that they sell online do so every day while living very comfortably. Some of them develop into full-fledged businesses and experience the associated growing pains. While others choose to live their lives without the pressure and demands of creating the next Microsoft, they simply concentrate on what they are good at.

However, the actual selling process can be a little more difficult than it appears. Sure, everyone is aware that “anyone” can accept credit cards online; after all, haven’t we learned that the simplest method is to connect to PayPal and have money sent via email?

The answer is no; nobody can accept credit cards, PayPal won’t let you sell anything to anyone, and it’s not always as simple as it seems.

You don’t have time to build, maintain, and update an e-commerce engine that gives you the best chance of remaining independent as a small business, which may consist of you, your spouse, and a potted plant in the garage. And every customer who can’t or won’t buy from you because of your e-commerce setup is one step closer to returning to the corporate workplace.

Employing an e-commerce service provider like Plimus, Inc. is the quickest way to make e-commerce work for you rather than the other way around. You take care of creating the goods to sell; Plimus takes care of setting up an effective e-commerce platform that virtually eliminates the possibility of a customer objecting to purchasing from you. Plimus makes sure the shopper can

  • Use whatever payment method they like
  • Transact business in their local language
  • Get online support 24/7/365
  • See that they are protected against hackers and fraudsters
  • Always get the information they need to feel good about closing the deal

Uploading copies of your product, deciding on a price, and leaving Plimus to create the order pages’ visual identity are all that is required. Through a web-based portal, you can modify the prices, add coupons, or cross-promote products whenever you want, day or night. Then you add a URL to your website and you’re ready to sell with all the bells and whistles that large corporations spend millions of dollars a year building and maintaining.

We’ll examine how much it costs to use e-commerce services in the following article in this series.

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