Should It Be So Hard To Copy A DVD?

How frequently do you burn copies of DVDs onto DVDs or make copies of DVDs to store on your computer for later playback? There are many people in the world who would like to duplicate new, exciting DVD movies but frequently lack a DVD burner.

Those ripping programs will only be a waste of time and a test of your nerve if you’re looking for high-quality video. Instead, check out 1Click DVD Copy, a cool program that can be used to create exact copies of the DVD movie that can then be burned to another DVD-ROM.

Download the software right away because installing it only requires a few quick mouse clicks. Check out the application’s initial looks by clicking on the icon from the desktop or programs menu. The user interface is a round DVD image with 3 blank spaces for easy-to-fill-in objects. Simply select a source and a destination, and then click the start button to transfer the DVD to your local hard drive.

There is a little more to this application’s interface, where you can select additional options like selecting the DVD format from PAL or NTSC. You can choose to make an exact copy or a copy with some features disabled, such as a DVD with multiple languages and subtitle support that a user doesn’t want to copy along with the DVD movie because, if the user only understands English, there is no reason for him or her to get these other languages along with the movie.

That’s just the start, though, as DVD copying allows you to pick and choose particular chapters from a DVD to copy. All of this can be done with just 3 clicks: the first click selects the source, the second click chooses the folder where the DVD copy will be stored, and the third click initiates the copying process.

1Click When copying a DVD to a local hard drive, DVD Copy uses cutting-edge CPRx technology to check for errors. With the absolute highest level of file copying and DVD-based audio and video quality, this technology automatically corrects any identified errors. We’ll take our word for it when we say that this software is the best for copying any DVD movie.

I’d like to summarize a few key features of this software as we move forward! Starting with the revolutionary CPRx technology for DVD copying, which is followed by an integrated burning engine that automatically burns DVDs to hard drives. Another feature is the user’s choice of interesting chapters or episodes to be copied without any disk splitting. You can copy and store multiple DVDs on your desktop or laptop in this way.

For a full year, licensed editions include free software updates and support. Why not get it now?

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